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White Flowers Class

It has been a wonderful week of painting. I began preping for the class about 2 weeks ago drawing off several items to use for demos. The drawings and a trip to Oklahoma City with friend Carol Callery lead to a memorial piece for the victems of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Less than 24 hours later another friend Lynne Dees offered to buy the piece. What an honor. What a fun group I had for the class. I knew Wavah, Carol and Billie were planning to come but was thrilled when all the others signed up also. We had a fulll classroom.

I think everyone took home something they liked or eally wanted to finish. I was having so much fun I stayed after both evenings and painted until nearly 11:00 pm. I came out of the weekend with several lovely paintings. All the workshop paintings were done in watercolor but I spent the day to day working on flowers in oil as well. I have a couple more started so when complete my week of painting may net me 6 or 7 paintings.

Our next class will we in April and we will be working on buildings and structures. I am also working on a project for work. I hope I can do research for both at the same time.

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